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The first thing I will tell you is: there’s a zine I’m putting out called Damn Fine Coffee! A Twin Peaks Fan Zine.

The second thing is: the owls are not what they seem.

The third thing is: Damn Fine Coffee! debuts this year at SPX.

That’s right! You may have been seeing some awesome work floating around for the zine I’m putting together: Damn Fine Coffee! A Twin Peaks Fan Zine. I will be at SPX this year where you can get your hands on it and feast your eyes on Twin Peaks homages by over 30 incredibly talented artists.

Damn Fine Coffee! will be going into production soon, and I’ll be posting updates on availability, price, and the possibility of pre-orders (because folks have been asking, which is very exciting) here on my blog. You can also check out my twitter for quick updates too.

Here’s the cover and a quick sampling of some of the rad work you’ll find in the zine by Ping Zhu, Gant Powell, and Ryan Fortney.

The support and the excitement from everybody has been really encouraging so thanks and stay tuned!

Yes! This thing is gonna rule. 

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